I made this to help myself find good game ideas, then turned it into a real tool that looks nice. 

Click on the cards to generate a game idea

if a card is flipped face up you can click it again to reset it, flipping it back over will give you a new result. When all of the cards are flipped face up you will get a nice, readable version of the game idea that's easy to read.

I would love if you commented some ideas that I can put in the categories so it can be a better generator!

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Really love this! Good job


you should add a flip all button that resets all the cards. it gets annoying clicking all of them to restart

awesome gg


I would have liked to make an identical one but for board games. Would you agree to give me your code, because I tried to do it but I could not find a source code for this type of program.
Thank you in advance ;)

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Good game idea 'cos it's a good thing to get game ideas so l think it's a perfect game idea machine.

But l rated with 4 stars because l'm not interested so much but it's an OK game.